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Business & Residential Power Washing Services

Powell Window Cleaning also offers pressure washing services to the Las Vegas area. We can help your business or residence maintain that pristine look. Pressure washing can be a laborious hassle, and it can even sometimes be dangerous—such as cleaning roofs or hard to reach crevices.

Remove Hard Stains

Powell Window Cleaning’s residential pressure washing services in Las Vegas includes stains on your driveway or garage floor from automobiles and the like, cleaning patios and pool decks to get rid of all stains such as slippery mold or bird droppings that can lead to a nasty fall. We even clean patio furniture to leave it like new. We will also clean your sidewalks and pathways leaving them clear and more visible at darker times. We perform Roof and Stucco cleaning to preserve the value of your home, so that it doesn’t deteriorate from water or mold damage. This is a necessary step every home owner should undertake, or it can lead to costly damages further down the line.

Just What Businesses Need

Powell Window Cleaning also specializes in commercial pressure washing services in Las Vegas. We have several clients in the Las Vegas areas for commercial pressure washing such as: car and motorcycle dealerships, business parks, restaurants and fast food restaurants, and commercial office buildings. Powell Window Cleaning can clean your high-traffic areas, your dumpster pad removing harsh smells that can permeate your establishment. We also can remove grease stains from areas such as concrete on parking lots, sidewalks, or driveways. Powell Window Cleaning can also has Exterior Façade service packages for your business, if you would like to restore or maintain your business’s exterior.


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  • How often should I have my home windows cleaned?

    We recommend that you clean your windows monthly for the best possible maintenance but even doing it 2x a year or annually is great. It is your preference how often you would like them cleaned, even if it’s just once.

  • What makes Powell Window Cleaning different?

    We are a family run business that always shows up on time and takes pride in our work. We value customer satisfaction above all else.

  • Do you have references I can check?

    Feel free to read our reviews on Home Advisor and Google.

  • What can I expect during service?

    We start by always arriving on time, and protecting any and all surfaces & furniture as well as any outdoor landscaping. Then we carefully wash your glass with our proven methods. Once we are done we will present you our work for inspection.


We are standing by to hear more about your project

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